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Spice And Wolf, Vol. 8

Hearing rumors of a "leg bone of the wolf" being used as an artifact of the Church to showcase its power, Lawrence and Holo head to the site to gather more information. Holo can't just turn away from ...

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The Wolf Princess

Alone in the world, Sophie dreams of being someone special, but she could never have imagined this ... On a school trip to Russia, Sophie and her two friends find themselves on the wrong train. They are rescued by the beautiful Princess Anna Volkonsk...

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Claimed By The Wolf

They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world. The Shadow Guardians: a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood— and war. S...

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The Wolf Gift

MAN OR MONSTER? Anne Rice reinvented the vampire legend. Discover what she's done with the werewolf myth. After a brutal attack Reuben finds himself changing. His hair is longer, his skin is more sens...

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The Wolf And The Buffalo

Gideon Ledbetter, freed from slavery, finds himself with no land, no money, and no means to make a living. He is drawn into the army, which had painted a deceptively alluring picture of cavalry life. ...

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The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Told with infectious joy and enthusiasm by an immensely talented new writer this is a landmark fantasy debut.But there is treachery afoot. Behind the plans for peace lies the shadow of war and the fea...

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Sea Wolf Of The Confederacy

In June 1863, just days before the epic clash at Gettysburg ended the last rebel land invasion of the North, a small party of the Confederate Navy mounted a devastating series of raids on the New England coast, culminating in a battle off Portland, M...

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Spice And Wolf, Vol. 9

When the wolf goddess Holo and her merchant traveling companion, Lawrence, arrive at the church in the village of Tereo to glean information about Holo's homeland, a suspicious deaconess turns them aw...

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Wolf Mark

When Lucas King's covert-ops father is kidnapped and his best friend Meena is put in danger, Luke's only chance to save them--a skin that will let him walk as a wolf--is hidden away in an abandoned mansion guarded by monsters.

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Wolf Fever

She may be his destiny, but she's not his first choice...

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De Wolf Van Wall Street

`Het is veel gemakkelijker om rijk te worden als je je niet aan de regels houdt, zei Jordan Belfort tegen een verslaggever van The New York Post. En hij wist waarover hij sprak: de voormalige effecten...

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The Touch A Dark Wolf

Jennifer St. Giles begins a dazzling new series that takes you into a world of seductive shape shifters and mystical beings, and into the hearts of a band of heroic warriors known as The Shadowmen. . . . Yesterday, Erin Morgan worked for a pioneering...

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Coty And The Wolf Pack

Timmy is back for the summer of 1960 with more fun and excitement in this second installment of the Kentucky Summers series. Author Tim Callahan brings back all the lovable characters from his first c...

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Wolves Of The Beyond #1: Lone Wolf

From bestselling author Katherine Lasky comes the first book in WOLVES OF THE BEYOND, a stunning new spinoff from her legendary owl series, Guardians of Ga'hoole. A wolf mother has given birth, but the warm bundle snuffling next to her brings only an...

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North To Wolf Country

James W. Brooks packed several lifetimes of adventure into his sixty-five years in Alaska - working as a fisherman, trapper, musher, miner, wartime flyer, bush pilot, and whale biologist. In a beautifully written memoir, Brooks tells of being drawn t...

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Man Is Wolf Surviving Gulag

FROM THE BOOK:"The pit I was ordered to dig had the precise dimensions of a casket. The NKVD officer carefully designed it. He measured my size with a stick, made lines on the forest floor, and told me to dig. He wanted to make sure I'd fit well insi...

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The Wolf Of Wall Street

'What separates Jordan's story from others like it, is the brutal honesty.' - Leonardo DiCaprio By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, a...

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Dark Wolf Rising

"Eric Drake, a powerful Dark Wolf, has never trusted himself around human females, preferring to mate only within his pack. That is, until he encounters Chelsea Smart snooping around Silvercrest pack ...

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Curse Of The Wolf Girl

By day Kalix is morose, unschooled, and slightly anorexic, but by night she is a savage she-wolf, a ferocious opponent with a complete lack of self-preservation. She is also an embarrassment to her society-page mother, a burden and rival in love to h...

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Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street

Belfort leads us from his early rise to power, to the FBI raid on his estate, the endless indictments at his arrest, and his deal to rat out his oldest friends and colleagues.

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